Introducing Matt Wittlief

I sent an unsolicited email to Chris on September 15, 2008, inviting him to check out my new blog. A couple of months later he reached out to me after I expressed my concerns about the lack of seriousness and viability of Libertarian Party candidates in the 2008 election. In between this time, my blog had been picked up by United Liberty - a site run by Ron Paul activists.

Chris and I became "friends" on Facebook on November 9, 2008, at a time when he had just been hired by the Libertarian Party of Indiana and was trying to build his own social network - "Free Hoosiers". Those were the days! After flirting with the LP for over a year, I finally took the plunge and quickly joined the ranks of leadership going into 2010.

A lot has changed over the intervening years. Now, Chris has a media empire. I've been removed from any sort of active politics (aside from a Congressional run in 2016) for nearly seven years, but I have not stopped learning or caring about the state of our political system and our history.

I've been a WAL fan and minor guest. So, it's with great pleasure that Chris and I embark on this journey to review the history of politics through the lens of freedom. I look forward to more fully joining the WAL family and bringing new, non-partisan audiences to "Dear Leader's" sphere of influence.

Join now. Episodes are coming right around the corner!