Understand the present by examining the past.
The Complete History of Columbus Day - Why We Celebrate It and Should We Continue?Listen now | From the Chris Spangle Show
11: The Birth of ParliamentListen now (52 min) | Plus Simon De Monfort and the Second Barons War
10: The Angevins and the Magna CartaListen now (63 min) | Everyone has heard of the Magna Carta and its importance to liberty and the foundation of America, but what was it? What happened…
9: Italy, Jerusalem, and The CrusadesListen now (47 min) | Around the turn of the millennium, in 1000, the power of the Roman Pope began to grow and it led to major consequences for global…
8: William the Conqueror, Norman Rule of England and The AnarchyListen now (45 min) | William the Conqueror has taken the throne of England, and the consequences for the English are severe. Once he passes away…
Are There Parallels Between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul?Listen now (29 min) | Featuring Bruce Carlson of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics
7: Succession CrisisListen now (38 min) | Setting the Stage for 1066
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The History of Modern Politics