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The History of Modern Politics podcast will be published first for WAL Plus members. Members can listen through Patreon’s private RSS system along with other content from the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network. Instructions on finding your feed can be found here. WAL Plus Patrons at $10 and above can get access to this site. Just shoot Chris an email at an email, and he will grant you lifetime status!

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Some folks may not want to join a libertarian Patreon, and that is totally cool too. Through this site, a user can join on the button below and will have access to all of the content now. Members can visit this site to learn how to add the podcast to their feed.

Video of each episode, detailed show outlines, and reading lists will be published on both sites and linked in the episode's description.

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We will eventually make the content free (yet ad-supported and without the notes or video). If you want to be notified when that happens, sign up for the free email on this site, and subscribe to the free podcast feed now!

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