About The History of Modern Politics with Chris Spangle and Matt Wittlief

Understand the present by examining the past.

Understand the present by examining the past.

Who Are We and What is This Podcast?

Chris Spangle and Matt Wittlief are history nuts and news junkies. Often, modern political debates fail to see parallels in the past, so they've embarked on a long journey from antiquity to the present to illustrate where our ancestors can help us build a better world.

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While this podcast is presented by the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network, Chris and Matt strive to be as accurate and fair as possible. Part of that is being open about their personal political bias.

There are four goals for this podcast.

  1. To understand modern politics, people must have an understanding of how current arguments have developed. One can learn a lot of insight about current events by examing the past.

  2. To understand the long fight for societal liberty and personal freedom and why it cannot be squandered. 

  3. To define modern libertarianism, conservatism, and progressivism through intellectual history. 

  4. Guide the listener to resources to learn more about the subjects briefly covered in the series. 

What Will Be Covered?

We will initially look at the development of worldviews and systems of government through the experience of a British commoner before transitioning to America. While we recognize this is Euro-centric, this is the paradigm that essentially formed America. Through the show's course, we will blend the six types of history to give a complete picture of the average person's experience.

Take a look at the very tentative outline

About the Hosts And Contact Information

Chris Spangle fell in love with history as a child on yearly trips to St. Augustine, Florida, America's oldest continuous European colony. Spangle has worked in radio, podcasting, and politics for 20 years. He is the founder of the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network and host of the Chris Spangle Show, which is dedicated to understanding current events from a libertarian perspective. For a complete list of his projects, please visit Chris-Spangle.com.

Chris Spangle

Matt Wittlief

Matt Wittlief has loved history since he was a child when he "self-published" books about United States presidents and flags of the world with crayons. His love of trivia, facts, and figures goes hand-in-hand with his love of ongoing learning. Wittlief is a vice president at an analytics consulting company, and spends his free time with his family in the Indianapolis area.


General Contact - info@historyofmodernpolitics.com

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